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LISBON - Lisbon is an amazing place to live and travel in. Also it's a fastly emerging start-up hub and has already a huge network of remote workers and creative freelancers. The city has lots of opportunities for self-expression and to connect with people.

SELINA SECRET GARDEN - world-wide brand building co-working and co-living communities. Our base is going to have a rooftop for yoga and meet-ups, pool for cooling yourself on a sunny day and a quality workspace for optimising your productivity. All in the centre of the city.

PARKS - with or without laptop - Lisbon has many beautiful parks all over to enjoy the sun and be in the greenery as you switch off to get some perspective. 

There's a lot to take in in Lisbon - the mesmerising views from viewpoints, the beautiful pink-blue sky during sunsets, the warmth, the taste and smell of seafood, the music you hear on the streets that goes through you body like waves, the smiles you share. One of the greatest thing about the city is the endless opportunities for self-expression. You hear and feel it everywhere - it gets under your skin and taps this deeper level of joy.