The team

Thank you for considering joining us. What makes this an extraordinary event is the unique people who come together from all over the world. For an insight we would like to share our stories and can't wait to hear yours! 

So, why are we doing this?

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MARIS - from recognising how important it is to surround yourself with people full of life excitement. From seeing how much i have changed while traveling and how much i have gained from letting myself fully and freely express my inner being. And how much space there is to grow. Following a feeling.

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MARTA - I got the spark to create this from Maris a few months ago. From that time we have been thrillingly working on making it happen. My reason for doing it came from understanding myself deeper as a human being, my values, strengths and weaknesses, what I can offer to others and what I still want to learn in life. This is giving me possibilities to grow, as well as creating a space for developing personal projects to keep diversity in life. It is a process full of joy and fears, leading it’s way to find balance in life.

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KRISTINA - I find expression, abstract thinking and sharing deeply meaningful. I feel happy when I see people getting out of their comfort zone, growing and showing the world their inner originality and beauty. This project came to me like a little happy miracle. I was really lucky to meet Maris and Marta when I moved to Lisbon and seriously fell in love with them, they really had such an impact on me and then they asked me to join Borderless. It aims to help all of us reach clearer consciousness, fulfilling life, exploration and action which is so in tune with my beliefs and intentions - therefore I'm here!

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