Our team is an international group of remote working professionals who are on a mission help others integrate healthy habits into their lifestyle. 

On the experiences we:

  • Lead daily activities on spot to guide you through a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery. 

  • Provide space and conditions for focused work throughout weekdays and take care of logistics and meals. 

Meet the team! 


MARIS KOHV 🇪🇪 - Co-founder of Borderless Retreat, Mind Empowerment & Workshops facilitator and an advocate for Mindfulness in Remote Work.  

Sessions guided by Maris on the retreats: daily morning meditation, Sharing Circle, Deep Connection workshops, Masterminds, Dynamic Meditation etc. 


MARTA GOLASZ 🇵🇱 -  Co-founder of Borderless Retreat, Body Empowerment and Workshops facilitator. 

Sessions guided by Marta on the retreats: daily morning yoga, Movement Lab conscious dance, Ecstatic Dance. Expertise in vegan cuisine.

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LAURA MEURER 🇩🇪 -  Team at Borderless Retreat, freelance marketing expert.
Sessions guided by Laura on the retreats: daily morning yoga and meditation, Deep Connection sessions. Expertise in vegan cuisine.

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JUDITH KONRAD 🇩🇪 -  Team at Borderless Retreat, Yoga Teacher, Co-Founder of Flowfull Mornings
Sessions guided by Judy on the retreats: daily morning yoga and meditation, Talks on Mind & Body Empowerment. Expertise in vegan cuisine.