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Our team is an international group of remote working professionals who are on a mission help others integrate healthy habits into their lifestyle. 

On the experiences we:

  • Lead daily activities on spot to guide you through a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery. 

  • Provide space and conditions for focused work throughout weekdays and take care of logistics and meals. 

Meet the team! 

MARIS KOHV 🇪🇪 - Co-founder of Borderless Retreat, mind empowerment and workshops facilitator. 

I started my remote path in 2017 - freelancing to Estonia as an architect, but quickly realised that the profession wasn’t aligned with my core values - mindfulness and community.I was also hugely inspired by the nomad scene in Lisbon where I experienced the power of a support system from like-minded people.


I intuitively aspired to combine the endless possibilities of the lifestyle with the healthier mindset I had acquired through an extensive meditation practise.

MARTA GOLASZ 🇵🇱 -  Co-founder of Borderless Retreat, body empowerment and workshops facilitator. 

I was connected with dance and gymnastics from a very young age. At that time the access for building the career in that area in Poland was just starting out. The spark for gymnastics faded but the love and curiosity for dancing kept expanding. I spent my teenage years learning hip hop, house, wacking, jazz, dancehall, contemporary dance, taking a large number of workshops and participating in dance festivals.

After experimenting with a lot of different dance styles i developed a deep passion for both conscious dance and yoga and explore both of the practices in my embodiment journey.

LAURA MEURER 🇩🇪 -  body & mind empowerment, workshops facilitator, digital marketing freelancer.  

Laura joined the Borderless Retreat team after participating in 2 retreats and is now guiding both yoga and meditation sessions on the retreat. She also has an extensive knowledge about the vegan cuisine and loves to share her passion with others. 


Laura's undeniable superpower is creating space and setting intentions which makes her teaching of mindfulness practises both relatable and playful. 

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BR4 - Feb'2020 / Madeira, PT

BR2 - Oct'2019 / Algarve, PT

BR1 - Jun'2019 / Lisbon, PT