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Image by Piotr Musioł

25 JAN - 02 FEB 2020

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“I decided 2020 had to be the year of change and signed myself up for this this retreat. What I did not expect is that my mindset and bad habits would switch and rebalance so fast! The retreat consisted in healthy daily activities ranging from early morning stretching & meditation, mastermind sessions where participants shared and opened up about personal or professional struggles and dilemmas, evening cooking sessions, ecstatic dance by the moonlight, group sunset watching and weekend hikes - all of this without compromising the daily working hours everyone needed to commit to and respect as part of their jobs.

The result? A week of incredibly deep exchanges and connections, a continuous flow of emotions and helpful advice, sharing of new skills and knowledge, laughter and tears, enhanced work efficiency, healthier mind, stronger body and richer soul. It was simply incredible to see a group of strangers coming together and sharing their life stories without filters, or superficial conversations, but with an open mind and eagerness to share their passion for life and this fast changing world! Thanks Martusha Golasz and Maris Kohv from Borderless Retreat for arranging this special life changing experience."

- Marta Marinelli (Business Operations Associate), Italy

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