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You're opened to possibilities life has to offer. Traveling to experience wonderful destionations all across the world. But its fast. Everything around you is changing constantly.


You have also experienced that you have changed. There are not a lot of people who understand that. But feeling understood and connected is something so profound that we need to take time for that not to get lost.


How to work on it? Use those cards - conversation starters for nomads to open up a discussion on topics and questions that affect our daily lives. 


Borderless Retreat has created the questions and gathered nomads for several months for 2 hour sessions and the shared energy, perspectives and support is something beyond describable that you need to experience yourself. 


Questions include:

- What's the best thing you have done for someone else?

- Describe the last time you felt scared

- Where you do find inspiration?

- What's your favourite place on Earth?

Nomad Games No1

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