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There are two sides of it - firstly the reasons why i’m eager to pack the bags and explore and secondly the insights i’ve discovered later.


  • curiosity

  • expanding my reality of the world

  • meeting people with a different view of life

  • challenging myself

  • wanting a different lifestyle


  • self-trust

  • bigger perspective

  • building tolerance, empathy

  • skill to adapt

  • unexpected opportunities

I guess one of the main reason i started to be so excited to travel comes from the human curiosity of wanting to explore, experience, engage - all which surfaces from a beautiful source from deep inside. But traveling, especially alone, comes with a set of challenges which can be intimidating - the self responsibility - seems that no one’s going to help you make decisions or help to solve a problem but as that sounds frightening it was actually an enormous opportunity to get to know myself and built trust in myself. Building trust that i’ll be okay no matter what. This gradually changed my thought pattern and resolved in making decisions based on love and faith instead of fear.

And that reflects in all aspects of my life.

Your reality of the world is as big as the world you’ve experienced.

I have realised that by spending time in different environments, meeting people from a diverse background - coming across different values, mindsets and ideas, has expanded my reality of the world. Putting myself into other people’s shoes has given me a bigger perspective on what’s “normal”. On what’s possible. And somehow it reflects in the perspective - as my world experience gets bigger, my personal “problems” seem smaller and easier to deal with.

There is nothing wrong in distancing yourself from the people you love to love yourself.

It takes a clear mind to realise that maybe what you want from life can be completely different from what you have experienced so far and trusting that gut feeling that tells you to go. Leap of faith. But as much as you can guide your life and make decisions there are things that just happen to you. There is a balance in between knowing what you want from life and going with the flow and trusting the universe leading a