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Sharing the insight after attending a panel discussion by Nomads Giving Back on 14.04.2019 about social IMPACT.

Find the event here:

What a topic.

How much do we on daily basis think, traveling or not, how much impact we make on the people and the environment around us? How many people have had the thought of “We could do better” but it remains just a thought?

This is going to be a personal insight on the importance of the topic of social impact and a contribution in trying to spread the message of those panelist with a mission to make a step forward as humans.

First of all, it was a reminder on of how everyone is responsible, and not from a source of pressure, but that we have tools to help others. There is a common idea that for something to be meaningful it has to be big. It has to be impactful. A sort of a grand gesture. Truth is, every unconditional good thought, action, feedback is incredibly valuable. Also, for a discussion purpose, i’ll throw out a thought that a person, to have energy for making a positive impact, has had first to put a lot of work in their mental fitness and emotional intelligence. It takes empathy, seeing a bigger picture, adaptability and a lot of understanding of what you do and why to have that thought space to see beyond your personal pain and help others. Deep breath. Let’s do this.

Going back to the event - the four people sharing their cause and bringing awareness on how we could contribute:

1. 22stars Foundation - Stella Romana Airoldi - a great story of unexpected impact growing from an act of kindness. How she has spent so much time and energy on helping people in Uganda who did not have the tools to do that themselves. Seeing an opportunity of growth instead being dreaded by the situation that presented itself.

Whats the impact so far? 315 kids had the opportunity to get educated.

How you can contribute? By sponsoring a child in need, donating for social causes, starting a campaign, volunteering from home or buying self-made jewellery online:

2. Nomads Giving Back - Tarek Kholoussy - the keyword i picked up: resilience. From everything he has done personally to shape himself to a human he is, to seeing what potential combining his personal inner fire with other like-minded people can have. And how structuring this system and movement can create a sustainable, lasting impact.