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LISBON - coworking in cafes and enjoying lunch in parks (daily routes)

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

What makes Lisbon such an enjoyable city for nomads has a lot to do with it’s walkability and quality of outdoor spaces - the great weather, small scale of the city and diversity of spaces. From working mostly in cafes and having lunch in parks for several months we enjoyed some routes even more than others.

Here is a list of daily routes, which all:

✓ Include cafes which have a great environment for spending some hours on focused work

✓ Include cafes that have plenty of plugs and a stable Internet connection (if not stated otherwise)

✓ Are in a walking distance from a great outdoor space to have picnic lunch as it rarely rains in Lisbon

DAY 1 - Rossio/Chiado: Eight health lounge - Topo Chiado sunbeds - Casinha Boutique Café

DAY 2 - São Bento: Selina Secret Garden restaurant - Selina Secret Garden rooftop - Hello, Kristof

DAY 3 - São Bento: Nomad goods - Jardim da Estrela - Café Boavida

DAY 4 - Cais do Sodré: COA Café da Ordem dos Arquitectos - Jardim dom Luis - O Botanista

DAY 5 - Intendente/Avenida: Padaria Portuguesa - Jardim do Torel - Banana cafe

DAY 6 - Alfama: Copenhagen Coffee Lab & Bakery, Santa Clara - Jardim Botto Machado - Tazza in Giro

DAY 7 - Chiado/Cais do Sodré: COMOBA - Miradouro Santa Catarina - Biblioteca Camões

Get the Google map list from HERE

DAY 1 - Rossio and Chiado

Eight-The health lounge - Topo Chiado sunbeds - Casinha Boutique Café