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The atmosphere

Stepping into O Botanista you can already feel the story they want to tell - the dim lights, the countless greenery, the way they take care of the people.

One of the reasons O Botanista is bigger than a cafe/restaurant is their vision. It’s diverse and focused on the extra value they provide in addition to serving quality food. The main focus is on raising awareness of the vegan lifestyle but also gives space for different activities - a space for interaction in the centre of Lisbon.

For the laptop lifestyle

They have divided the space in two main areas. First floor is absolutely perfect for having a meal or a beverage with your best friend, a meet-up with you family or getting a bit of work done while sipping Portuguese level quality coffee. It’s a comfortable and intimate area that is divided brilliantly for you to have enough privacy while still feeling connected with the whole room. The second floor is really fitting for different activities by being open and therefore multifunctional space.

Let’s talk about the menu. You can undoubtedly feel that everything is homemade. The breads, the milk, the pastries - almost everything is made from scratch. You can feel it from the taste, the smell, the texture, the smiles behind the counter. From Monday it’s a new discovering time in O Botanista as they are launching a new menu and we would warmly encourage you to go taste it.

So, what events can you find in O Botanista in the future? In addition to already organised workshops, they have an exciting schedule coming up. Different pop-up events from yoga to daily vegan markets that will promote the mindset and join people around vegan food.

Stay updated by following their social media, but more importantly, just go there. You will have a blast.