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Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Let your visual mind create you a place and try to experience it with every cell of your body. Imagine an endless ocean with its depth and width and flow and imagine it is just the most beautiful sight, touch, sensation.

Ocean of light.

Imagine feeling enormous and endless bliss because you are a part of it and it’s you. You are a drop in this ocean of endless peace, joy, light and.. love.

The ocean is life force.

It’s energy.

But then something happens - you disconnect from it, you separate, you are born, you take form, you become a form in a physical world. It is still a part of you - you are made of it, but the feeling of oneness and bliss fades as you start to experience the world moment by moment, day by day.

And you experience it through your senses. Senses that gather information to your mind and process that information based on the instinct of survival of that same life force. Therefore while the mind registers the unconditional love that surrounds you because that is your natural state, it also registers the negative vibrations from your surroundings and starts to protect itself from that threat by keeping all that negativity as an example so you’ll be more prepared when pain occurs again, forming a bubble of reality around you based on your life experience. The more pain you experience, the less see-through the bubble becomes.

And because your experience has been through your body and your mind - your thoughts - they take over, they form an identity of self. You become your body and your mind.

You loose sight of the bigger picture.