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Updated: Jul 18, 2019

First day. First gathering. No-one knows each other yet. Feels like i know all of you tho. Know where you find inspiration, what are your current goals and the top things that would make you feel completely alive. We introduce ourselves saying what this retreat means to us, get to know each other, raise glasses. Excited. It’s warm. It’s not only the sun. It’s how people look at one another, it comes from the smiles and takes over like a wave with laughter. I’m crying of joy inside.

Morning yoga? Yes please. It’s incredible how intentional breathing, moving and feeling your body can prepare your mind to face the day from a more grateful place. The warmth again. This time it’s coming from the gentle but powerful words of Rim. She teaches us a Vinyassa yoga class and then magic happens. An intense peppermint scent. How can it be so relaxing? She goes and gives everyone a massage. Namaste. She’s magic.

We go back to Selina. So glad we have this oasis to gather. We form a circle on pillows. Deck of cards in the middle. Questions. Everyone gets one. The card game. Here it goes. “Do you feel influenced by your parents expectations?” “A memory that always makes you smile.” “What’s the best thing you have done for someone else?” Everyone pays attention, 12 people, 12 realities - extremely different.. exactly the same. This happens every time with the card game. It’s insane how questions that target our deeper human experience can surface very profound emotions. And it’s not only about emotions. It’s how we deal with them. What we have been through. How we process and understand the world. How we understand ourselves. Insane. Sharing. Relating. Questioning. Connecting.

Taking a break.

Gathering back for “releasing emotions” workshop. Rim asks us to recall a recent strong emotion and reliving it as detailed as possible. It threw me back watching a movie that touched me a lot. “Lion.” A small kid getting torn apart from his family at such a young age being so incredibly vulnerable and completely unable to find his way back to the people he so fiercely loves. Getting lost in the world. Alone. Growing up and always feeling a huge part of him missing. The part that didn’t let him feel like he belonged. I felt pain. Muscle memory of being scared, frustrated. Did i release it? How do i even know? We talked about what we recalled. Observing emotions and talking about them has meant releasing for me but releasing them through the physical body? Awesome.

Laying down, relaxing. Time to process.


“See you tomorrow!”

Rim is great in teaching and guiding through meditation. Meditation! Yes! So relaxing i could easily fall asleep. Fly away.

We take a break to get some work done as most of us are not on a vacation.

Gathering for a creative photography workshop by Karin van Mierlo. “Have you ever found yourself holding back from expressing your creativity?”, “When do you feel the most creative?” Discussing in pairs. Then on to taking photos. Experimenting. Finding different perspectives of one single item. Shadows. Angles. Colors. Awesome!

Let’s rise excitement levels? Yes! We take a ride to an empty plot by the riverside. Meet Valeriya and Johnny. They are always smiling. Calm. But freaking fierce. What they do on a longboard seems so easy, so freeing, so enjoyable. Let’s learn. For most of us it’s the first time trying to ride on a longboard. Goal? Longboard dancing! Cruising with music. Man this is so genius. I need to this more, we should do it more. It’s fascinating what you can learn in an hour! What you can feel in an hour! What a completely different experience of your own body and how it’s moving. Levels up!

Sunset time. Pizza and a movie! We order in, get cosy with blankets and watch “Impact theory - Lisa Nichols” The episode of the interview series that has blown my mind several times. Here we go. Such a powerful, humble, intense story on taking responsibility in life, resilience and willpower - on transformation. “Mostly, the world sees you the way you see yourself.” I love this message so much. I could talk about this for forever. And we did.

It was a long day. “See you tomorrow!!”

Yoga! Every morning Rim teaches us something new. Did i say she’s magic? I honestly adore yin yoga as it’s so slow. You can so intensely feel every breathe, every vibration in your body. There’s a bubble around us. Everything is in a movement around us. We are still.

To Selina. Co-working area? Rooftop! Sun in blasting. Planning to get some work done. Diving into a conversations instead. Well, it happens. Embracing the moment. Talking about healing and relationships which i guess is the theme of the day because what’s next? Woman and men circle session by Ri