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MARIS KOHV - mind empowerment and workshops facilitator, co-founder of Borderless Retreat.

I started my remote path in 2017 - freelancing to Estonia as an architect, but quickly realised that the profession wasn’t aligned with my core values - mindfulness and community.


I was also hugely inspired by the nomad scene in Lisbon where I experienced the power of a support system from like-minded people.


I intuitively aspired to combine the endless possibilities of the lifestyle with the healthier mindset I had acquired through an extensive meditation practise.


Topics that we will definitely connect on: travel, meditation, business development, personal growth etc.

Connect with me on Instagram: @mariskohv

Personally, when growing up, I wasn’t able to manage or express my emotions and lacked tools for wellbeing but through personal development and especially meditation, I found a way to develop a healthy mindset. 


The more I’ve been able to overcome my struggles and feel more joy in my life, the more I felt like sharing the same tools with others.

Online Meditation and Deep Listening sessions:

* Use headphones for 8D audio experience from the background music 

Deep Listening #3

Deep Listening #4

Guided meditation-20min

Guided meditation-10min

Deep Listening #5

Deep listening #6

Deep Listening #7

Guided meditation - 10min