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Testimonials from Borderless Retreat #2


I had the great chance to join the 2nd borderless retreat in Albufeira. The reasons why I wanted to join were meeting new people, making new experiences and getting inspiration for my personal awareness. Afterwards I can definitely say that all these expectations come true. I had a lovely time, I met wonderful people and I miss the time already. The villa where we lived was amazing, Maris and Marta organized very inspiring workshops and meditations, and we had a lot of fun during cooking, relaxing at the pool or we just enjoyed the sunset. I will recommend the borderless retreat to everyone! You definitely miss something when you don’t try it. Thank you very much for everything!

- Enya Sommerfeldt, e-commerce, Germany


I absolutely loved the experience. I came with little expectations, just with the idea of connecting with like-minded people. I couldn't have hoped for anything better. I am so grateful for Marta and Maris' dedication to creating this magic. Thankful for meeting all these kind souls. Connecting on deep levels. Having loads of fun. All while keeping working and learning from each other. Such an inspiration. Thank you again a million times and much love.

- Romain Diaz, co-founder of a few tech startups based in South Africa, France


Just Wow. Such a great group of people, and a very well organized week.

We started off each day with yoga, meditation and then a workshop on various topics (productivity, finding meaning in your work etc) but we also had time for actual work on our own projects (coworking). So this thing is geared towards remote workers that want to also get some stuff done while on retreat. It was a great balance of work and play. 

What I loved the most was the sense of community. We were all best friends in a matter of hours. Love you guys, looking forward to the next one!! 


- Vlad Tamas, software developer, Romania


I had the chance to participate in the second Borderless Retreat and enjoyed every second of this retreat.
I went with the expectation to this retreat to find more inner peace and balance and my expectations were clearly exceeded. The retreat was full of passionate and warm people, I always felt safe and loved as seldom before. Each one was there for the other and gave affection. The activities I enjoyed the most were morning stretching and meditation. The way Maris and Marta led the retreat made it an incredible experience.🤩 I thank the two ladies of the heart very much and can recommend it to everyone more than just to experience this experience. Thank you for everything Maris and Marta.

- Cristiano Mascherano, e-commerce, Germany


I had no idea what I'm signing up at first. I just wanted to get some reset from daily routines. 
I couldn't be more happy about every possible minute of this retreat! I adored all the workshops and classes we had! Stretching, meditation, dancing and many others - literally everything that I needed and I didn't even know I needed it ^^ 
Absolutely awesome experience and absolutely amazing people! Big thanks for everything to the organizers Marta and Maris.

- Aleksandra Jankowska, SAP, Poland

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