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Selection: what would you like to have included in the 17 day experience?
Accommodation at Selina Secret Garden Lisbon?
Co-working at Selina Secret Garden Lisbon? - 240€ (15€ per day)
Breakfast at Selina Secret Garden Lisbon included - 100€
Lunch at Selina Secret Garden Lisbon included? - 180€
Welcome buffet dinner with open bar at Agua No Bico? - 35€
Discovering Lisbon with secret city trails? - 10€
Talk on creativity and inspiration talk on mental wellbeing from Angga Kara? - 15€
Ecstatic dance in Sintra? - 20€
Daily trip to the Berlengas island? (+transportation+boat) - 40€
Morning yoga package (6 sessions)? - 90€
Workshop on nomad struggles and intensions from Angga Kara? - 20€
Workshop on travel photography from Karin van Mierlo x 2? - 30€
Women/men circle? - 10€
Deep connection workshop? - 10€
Workshop on one man crew from Pishdaad Modaressi? - 20€
Card game and discussion session at Selina's rooftop? - 10€
Inspiration talk on storytelling from Jantien Klein Ikink?
Workshop on storytelling from Jantien Klein Ikink? - 20€
Daily trip to Cascais beach (you can go surfing, paddling and we'll catch the sunset and summer vibes)? - 6€
Workshop on work purpose and life with Berenika Roźańśka? - 20€
Longboarding session by the riverside? - 10€
Inspiration session on bigger picture and emotional intelligence? - 10€
Workshop on releasing emotions and deep relaxation with Rim Guermazi? - 20€
Goodbye dinner and showroom of the whole experience? - 35€