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POTENTIAL NOMADS - to experience the lifestyle in a supportive environment with people who already are on the journey to decide if remote working is for you and what steps to take next to start you location independent lifestyle.

FULL TIME REMOTE WORKERS -  if you have been a nomad for a while, maybe in Lisbon, you can most likely recognise the value in spending time with like-minded people, sharing ideas and skills and meeting up with the beautiful people who understand your journey. 

NOMADS SEARCHING FOR A BASE - at some point you may feel like settling down. Maybe temporarily. Has Lisbon been on your mind for spending time in? The retreat will catch you up with all the information you need for making a decision - is the city vibrant enough? Can i afford it? Would i be happy here?


Test if you could relate to any of those profiles:

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Our application we send to you after you submit your interest to join the event is designed to get to know your personal interests and goals to match and connect different people who would create dynamic in themselves and with each other.


For the application to have the best outcome, take a bit of time to give it a thought.