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Meet inspiring people, go on incredible adventures and learn about yourself and others in beautiful locations. All while keeping your work tasks on track.

Our team organizes a space where you can fully focus on finding your work-life balance through wellbeing, coworking, and facilitated community building activities.

The experience

The main focus

  • Connection - the purpose of every group activity is to relate authentically, to continuously grow empathy and get to know each other at a completely different level - a level of connectedness that in other settings would take months to develop.


  • Mind & Body Empowerment - learn to raise your consciousness level through meditation, breathwork, and conscious dance. Explore ways of an increasing awareness that help you build healthy habits and manage your emotions. 


       “The depth of connection within ourselves determines the depth of               connection we’re able to create with others.”


  • Mindful working - learn to manage your energy and grow your network of like-minded people who inspire you and keep you accountable. We create an environment where you can fully focus on acquiring skills that would improve the quality of your life. 

"An incredibly well organized week, powered by amazing people. Learning about ourselves both through the program and the free time, through the community as well as sessions Maris and Marta have set up for us has been an invaluable experience." 

-Stefan, aerospace engineer, Belgium


The retreats are always held in private properties that are surrounded by nature and breathtaking views. You can count on great climate, spacious accommodations for coliving, comfortable spaces for working and access to a variety of outdoor activities.


Who is Borderless Retreat for? 

Remote workers. Entrepreneurs. Creatives. Self healers. For anyone who wants to invest in their wellbeing and network.

Participants join for different reasons, some come to reconnect with themselves after working too much, some are traveling and decide to make time for a deeper experience, some are just looking to feel inspired by surrounding themselves with smart individuals.  


Depending on what you’re focusing on - you can use your daily personal time for:

  • Coworking

  • Personal development

  • Exploring the area


Ultimately, we believe that they all come for that sense of community and belonging that we aim to create.

What are the base activities of the program?

Daily morning Flow Stretching - to give attention to our body and observe our energy levels.


Daily guided morning mindfulness practice - we kick each day off with investing in healthy habits that help us to be on top of our game throughout the day. 

Inspiration sessions - we dive into topics like training empathy, the power of intuition and mindful work to elevate our sense of creativity and mission before focusing on work. 

Masterminds - throughout the week we usually curate two masterminds: one on professional topics and one on personal topics to collectively brainstorm on advice and to share perspectives.

Coworking - there are daily around 6 hours dedicated to coworking. During which time we also practice some techniques to stay focused and manage our energy. 

Cooking together - each evening there are 2 people in charge of cooking (recipes and ingredients are prepared)


Conscious and ecstatic dance - two different sessions to rediscover our body and find a free flow of expression through tribal and binaural beats. 

*Example of a program




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