Our community is built by people who are on a journey to actively build a better life for themselves.




We believe that social and self-awareness are the keys in succeeding in our personal and professional path as well as in groups. We practise introspection, active listening and empathy to give space to ourselves and others. 

Remote work


We believe that work should be measured by outcome and fulfillment  rather than (over) hours and pressure and we use tools like meditation and breathwork to improve our performance. We have experienced that being connected to our intuition and having strong self-care practices results in better decision-making.


We know that having uprooted ourselves from our initial support system can be emotionally overwhelming. We believe that having a strong sense of belonging with people who share our values is crucial in making the nomad lifestyle sustainable.




We constantly work on upgrading our mental and physical capacity to deal with the increasing complexity of the world. We know that it takes a lot of patience and effort to live up to our fullest potential.



Sitting in an office in front of a computer for hours on end has left us rigid and weak. Movement is an antidote for our increasingly solitary, sedentary, digital lives. We believe that movement should be a part of our daily routines to let go of tension and to express our creativity. 

We thrive by the freedom that leveraging technology has created in the world and choose our locations based on the environments and people we want to be surrounded by. We believe that the nomad lifestyle will be shaped by slow travel and connecting upon shared interests rather than bucket list destinations. 


Upcoming Events

  • Borderless Retreat #27 - Portugal
    Sat, 27 Aug
    R. Inspector Arménio Gomes dos Santos 2, 3750-808 Valongo do Vouga, Portugal
    27 Aug, 17:00 WEST – 03 Sept, 11:00 WEST
    R. Inspector Arménio Gomes dos Santos 2, 3750-808 Valongo do Vouga, Portugal
  • Borderless Retreat #29 - Morocco
    15 Oct, 17:00 GMT+1 – 22 Oct, 11:00 GMT+1
    Taghazout, Taghazout, Maroko
  • Borderless Retreat #26 - Bulgaria
    09 Jul, 17:00 GMT+3 – 16 Jul, 11:00 GMT+3
    Bansko, 2770 Bansko, Bulgaaria