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Madeira, Portugal

11 APRIL - 01 MAY


20 days - 1 villa 

Colive and cowork for 3 weeks on the Madeira island with a curated group of like-minded.


To get work done in a beautiful location, to boost your healthy habits daily and discover the island together.


✔️ up to 3 weeks of accommodation at the spacious villa

✔️ curation of inspiring people who share your values and lifestyle

✔️ on-spot group facilitator from the Borderless Retreat team

✔️ daily (weekdays) morning guided meditation and/or breathwork

✔️ 2 weekly group sessions (ecstatic dance / masterminds / sharing circles)

✔️ arranged conditions for co-working + access to an extra router

✔️ Borderless Alumni Slack Channel access

✔️ organisation of the logistics of shared meals (Splitwise) and additional group activities



✔️ daily breakfast (check pricing from the google form)

✔️ shared car rental (on request)

Coliving with intention

After running 10 coliving retreats for remote workers / conscious entrepreneurs we have experienced how to build a strong community on shared values and aim to bring together inspiring people for longer experiences.


The villa is located in Prazeres, 18 km from Ponta do Sol (the Nomad Village)


This 5-bedroom villa is located in a peaceful area, has an amazing panoramic view to the ocean, large terrace with a (heated) pool, BBQ and is close to the hiking trail that leads to the picturesque Jardim to Mar.

Meet Maris!

Hi! I'm your coliving group facilitator for the whole coliving experience.


About me:

I started my remote path in 2017 - freelancing to Estonia as an architect, but quickly realised that the profession wasn’t aligned with my core values - mindfulness and community.


I was also hugely inspired by the nomad scene in Lisbon where I experienced the power of a support system from like-minded people.


I intuitively aspired to combine the endless possibilities of the lifestyle with the healthier mindset I had acquired through an extensive meditation practise.


Topics that we will definitely connect on: travel, meditation, business development, personal growth etc.

Connect with me on Instagram: @mariskohv


As we mostly work throughout the weekdays we made sure that there are comfortable places to work from in the house. There is seating both indoors and outdoors and most rooms have a small desk + chair as well for calls etc.


Ponta do sol's community coworking space is 18km from the villa - if we arrange our transportation we could also cowork from there are interact more with the Nomad Village community


Access to an extra router is available.

Covid-19 info

Madeira is considered one of the safest destinations in Europe - tourism opened on July 1st and a COVID-19 test is mandatory on arrival to the island and is paid by the government in Madeira.


You can find all the official info HERE.


Borderless Retreat requires a negative test result from all participants (carried out within 72 hours prior to boarding or on arrival to the airport - getting the result takes up to 12 hours)

Other regulations: curfew from 6pm weekdays and 5pm weekends..

You will receive an update from Borderless Retreat if any of the regulations change!


Prices starting from 247€ 197€ (weekly)



-247€ (weekly)

-721€ (3 weeks)


-197€ (weekly) 

-571€ (3 weeks)

*Secure your spot! Due to COVID-19 the payment is fully refundable in case of travel restrictions. 


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